UPCOMING Biodynamic Events: Biodynamic discussion meet up History of Agriculture Science and Literature Farm Standard Cold Climate Wine Tasting Front Range Viticulture Discourse Vineyard Planting Rumination - Sacred Dairy Apian - Bee Culture Regeneration - a weekend with ? (suggest) Dormancy - Pruning ATTEND The Native State is an infinite journey with no end destination. An allegory of harmony and resonance with Nature. A marriage and celebration. The espousal of mortal and land. Humans must work with Nature to augment its native state, rather than pushing against with artificial inputs. Natura, Artis Magistra ABOUT: Native State is a workshop series focused on regenerative agricultural practices and agrarian lifestyle. Workshops will focus on subjects involving practices such as: animal husbandry, soil health, organic fertilizers and preparations, and carbon sequestration. SUGGEST SPEAKERS OBJECTIVES: Provide education on the history and global market of Biodynamic agriculture Cite the science of biodynamic studies and findings Educate those interested in Biodynamic viticulture, winemaking process, and standard CLARIFICATION ON: Organic vs Biodynamic Permaculture design vs Biodynamic methodology Preparations 500+ Biodynamic Agriculture & Scalability NEWSLETTER SIGN UP